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Yet, FIFA 18 has done it once again in stunning fashion.

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There’s nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship.

None of us are under obligation to commit and if all we want to do is get jiggy, have a chat, an ego stroke and a sense of someone being there, there are people out there who will take on this role because it’s all that they want too.

Being contradictory is exactly why so many people end up being the ‘Buffer’ in a rebound relationship or the rainy day activity pack in an unavailable someone’s life who just wants to pass time and avoid themselves.

Ambivalent people who don’t know what they want or healthy.

Why would someone who actually wants to eventually be in a healthy, mutual relationship be with someone who doesn’t?

Of course, this is why a lot of people who don’t truly want a relationship intimate that they ‘might’ change their mind or even say that they do at the outset and then find ‘sudden’ reasons to backtrack on something that they weren’t truly going to do in the first place…‘But everything is closed up for the winter.’ He talks about their relationship in terms of Pygmalion, the sculptor who fell in love with his creation, brought to life by the gods: ‘I dressed Katia up.As it is perfectly in my image it is difficult not to develop tenderness.’ ‘I was being driven through Vienna in a government van.Also it fits perfectly,' he said All this being Easton Neston, his new English life: he now runs his global clothing empire from the design studio he created in a burnt-out servant’s wing, built by Sir Christopher Wren.He has just launched his new line, Leon Max, in the UK.‘I don’t hunt but I do shoot.If you want a quality relationship or would struggle with the emotional consequences of getting involved even if it were casual, you have to step up and deal with your fears so that you can have the relationship that reflects your needs, expectations and wishes, not some ill thought out contradictory concept that opens you up to more pain.

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