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For orders of more than 10 booklets, add $.25 each. LGBT Jewish Heroes Poster Series by The Hineini: Here I Am Project The posters in this project celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transhender Jews who have transformed the world through thier words and lives.

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Safe sex aids campaign

Gender non-conformity is the second leading cause of school bullying and harassment, and it affects all students regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation.

Help support these children, youth and their families! Poster emphasizes using non-judgmental comments and speaking up to combat prejudice. We've got a different spin on sexuality This poster from the Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS)features a group of girls playing spin the bottle.

Website: " Middle School Harvey Milk - Photograph of San Francisco (and the world's) first openly-gay elected official, Supervisor Harvey Milk (1930-1978), also known as "The Mayor of Castro Street," as he was a prominent gay rights activist.

He was assassinated at age 48, at the same time George Moscone, the mayor of San Francisco was also assassinated, November 27th 1978. Transgender identity occurs in as many as 0 children born, with many more being gender non-conforming to one extent or another.

W., Washington, DC 20006; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 202-637-5085 ...

All Grades Free Your Mind Poster shows beautiful portraits of diverse youth, with the words "Support Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth----Free Your Mind----We deserve a safe learning environment ----Everyone has the right to be in whatever love relationship they find most fulfilling----What 's really great is when your friends stick up for you.

Liberation Ink is a series of political posters created by and for youth.

GSA Network and LYRIC worked with Mission Gráfica at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco to create Liberation Ink.

For any other groups: each for posters plus shipping.

Call 415-552-4229 for large quantity discounts & shipping information.

This poster sends a positive message of outreach to youth, parents, caregivers, teachers, healthcare providers, social workers, counselors and others that gender non-conforming and transgender children & youth deserve not only our support, but our respect for who they are, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression. Available from Michigan's Midwest AIDS Prevention Project (MAPP) for .00 each plus shipping and handling. Probably too radical for most school settings, butcommunity programs for GLBT youth will find itrefreshingly in-your-face.

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