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Lucas was able to read levels 1 and 2 without any help, a little help with level 3 and I read level 4. There are over 50 titles in this series, from well loved stories, to ones with current characters children will recognise. There is also a great app to go with the series which is worth checking out.With Lucas reading away on his magazine, I needed to find one suitable for Tyler. We tried him with the DC Super friends magazine and he really enjoyed it. There are simple quizzes, pictures to colour, things to do and things to cut out.Ladybird have been a publisher I grew up with and I love that I can share that with my boys.

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To burn off the excess energy we did The Jumping Bean Bag DVD.

We had two bean bags, which look great, I love their wee smiley faces and the DVD. At RRP of £19.95 I think this is good value for keeping the kids entertained and getting you up and moving too.

There is a trick boot, trick shot cards, goals and two footballs.

The boys love this and still play with it months on, so it gets a big thumbs up from me.

The boys and I are big fans of the foam soap that you can mould, I love making little animals out it for them of course.

The boys were in awe when I added the colour change bubble bath, it looks fab, especially against a white bath tub.

The new Tonka Town sets are great for those who love Playmobil or sets like it.

This set features an extendable garage which has opening doors, the lights change colour through manual operation and it comes with a car and two little dudes. They are easy to travel, easy to use, lots of fun and most importantly it’s getting kids out and some exercise.

The are desperate for this game, so had to share this.

First up for two football mad boys is a football game called Foooz, this is by Drumond Park .

I now know who is left footed, as Lucas is left footed.

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