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Prerequisite: ARSC 160 Introduction to Horsemanship, ARSC161 Basic Horsemanship Skills or concurrent enrollment This course will introduce the basic concepts and principles of crop production.

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Erosion topics which will be covered are soil erosion, wind erosion, predicting soil loss, land use planning, cropping systems and tillage practices.

Conservation structures, reclamation and irrigation management will be discussed. Prerequisite: SOIL 210 Introduction to Soil Science A study of forms, methods, materials, and the characteristics of pottery.

Prerequisite: Students through advisor approval will only be allowed to complete internship within the last two semesters of the Agriculture degree plan.

This course will provide the students the knowledge about the functions and properties of nutrients and effects of proper nutrition at the different stages of the life of a horse.

This course expands on the techniques and skills needed for effective academic writing.

The emphasis of this course is building critical research writing skills with the aim of improving writing skills in all disciplines.

Reading and writing are complementary acts; strengthening the one also strengthens the other.

In this class students will learn strategies for reading with understanding and writing with insight and clarity.

Students will gain exposure to some theories of color, design, and composition.

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