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An Act to make provision a national scheme of registration of individuals and for the issue of cards capable of being used for identifying registered individuals; to make it an offence for a person to be in possession or control of an identity document to which he is not entitled, or of apparatus, articles or materials for making false identity documents; to amend the Consular Fees Act 1980; to make provision facilitating the verification of information provided with an application for a passport; and for connected purposes.The Identity Cards Act 2006 (c 15) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that has since been repealed.

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Many of the concerns focused on the databases underlying the identity cards rather than the cards themselves.

The Act specified fifty categories of information that the National Identity Register could hold on each citizen, including up to 10 fingerprints, digitised facial scan and iris scan, current and past UK and overseas places of residence of all residents of the UK throughout their lives and indexes to other Government databases (including National Insurance Number The legislation further said that those renewing or applying for passports must be entered on to the NIR.

Nobody in the UK is required to carry any form of ID.

In everyday situations most authorities, such as the police, do not make spot checks of identification for individuals, although they may do in instances of arrest.

Only workers in certain high-security professions, such as airport workers, were required to have an identity card in 2009, and this general lack of compulsory ID remains the case today.

Therefore, driving licences, particularly the photocard driving licence introduced in 1998, along with passports, are now the most widely used ID documents in the United Kingdom.

However, rising concerns about identity theft and the misuse of public services led to a proposal in February 2002 for the introduction of entitlement cards to be used to obtain social security services, and a consultation paper, Entitlement Cards and Identity Fraud, was published by the Home Office on 3 July 2002.

A public consultation process followed, which resulted in a majority of submission by organisations being in favour of a scheme to verify a person's identity accurately.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The application for the new national Veterans Identification Card is now available online, making it easier for former members of the military to take advantage of discounts and other benefits.

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