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So, some of the bodybuilding girls in the USA that do g/g erotica traveled up to Vancouver and shot with her.

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If your wondering what happened to this one of a kind Canadian Muscle Minx here is what Amber De Luca had to say about Autumn a few years ago: “I just got word from an inside source about Autumn.

I reached out to a coworker and he let me know that our boss had been fired for sexual misconduct.

Boss apparently promised an intern a job in exchange for sexual favors and the intern reported him.

It appears that she has closed the bodybuilding and porn chapters in her life.

Autumn was a bright star that burned out fast–and bodybuilding enjoyed her amazing physique for only a brief period of time.This site is for adults who wish to chat anonymously with like minded grown ups.There is no advertising, basic membership to this chat site is free and our chat is old school internet 1.0 style free chat rooms.Her boss told me that I had nothing to worry about, to continue wearing the maternity clothing I had, and that my job was not on the line.My boss “apologized” about a week later with all kinds of qualifications.Her physique really is the hallmark of where bodybuilding is going now, and she would have done very well as a pro had she been able to pursue her pro career.

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