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I visualize a confident woman wearing her little black dress and stilettos, holding a glass of champagne wearing addict. I had wanted to test this perfume for quite some time and when I finally got to do it I was so disappointed...I usually fall for Dior perfumes but this one, sorry to say, is a big NO NO for me.

It just sits annoyingly on the top and assaults my sinuses.

Sorry for those who have a different take on this but complete scrubber for me.

I know I've smelled addict before but it was years ago.

I had just gotten addict in a swap and I'm smitten! Having worn this a few times in the last two weeks or so, i would say addict is a fall/winter scent or for chilly spring nights.

Personnellement c’est surtout des fruits des bois que j'ai remarqués dans son sillage. I do like vanilla and I love sandalwood but this just smelled like plastic on my skin. But there is just something about it that rings synthetic and uninviting.

This doesn't blend well on my skin or any clothes IMO.

To me Addict is the sexiest fragrance on a woman besides Hypnotic Poison. Senti sur une belle brune italienne habillée classe et sobre ce parfum lui allait très bien.

Il renforçait le noir de sa tenue et ajoutait un coté mystèrieux à sa présence. This just smelled like chemicals to me at the mall. Then I tried Angel for the first time and that smelled yummy and I was relieved I liked something because I'd been trying a bunch of popular scents I turned out not to like.

Some parts of it reminds me of Alien Essence Absolue, but not ambery or full of jasmine. It is so comforting during these cooler months and makes me smile. I LOVE this stuff, but I've only tried the original formulation.

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