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The Hollyoaks actress, who plays aspiring WAG Ann ‘Mitzeee’ Minniver (a character insiders claim is based on Cheryl Cole) in the series, says: ‘Dad went deaf in his right ear overnight.He had made a full recovery from throat cancer when he was 59 but his hearing was badly damaged.Analysis of his computers, mobile phones and external hard drives also uncovered 78 images showing Page “engaged in sex acts with dogs”, officials said.

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Time will tell, but our sources seem to believe that this car will be released 2018 model year, so we expect a preview in the Summer of 2016, if not sooner.

It’s also interesting to note that Ford has already claimed that there will be “12 New, High Performance Vehicles announced”.

He tried various hearing aids but would find them fiddly and uncomfortable and,worse, they often made horrible high-pitched noises.

Rachel, who grew up in Caverswall near Stoke-on-Trent, was eight years old when she persuaded her parents to let her take drama lessons, going on to gain a National Diploma in Performing Arts at her local college.

‘Dad was always in my thoughts, of course, and I wanted to be able to help people who were deaf to communicate well enough so that they would not feel isolated, as I’m sure he must have done at times.

A paedophile who boasted of performing sex acts with a dog has been jailed after investigators infiltrated a chatroom used by a “dangerous” community of offenders.Under the screen name “wolfpupjohn”, 46-year-old Jon Page shared and discussed indecent images of children and extreme pornography online.The National Crime Agency (NCA) said he had “responded enthusiastically to a fantasy about rape and necrophilia involving children” in the messages.Dave Thompson, the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, named child sexual exploitation alongside terrorism as one of the biggest challenges for forces.“I am staggered by what I see in terms of the operations the force carries out on the peer-to-peer sharing of images and more sensitive covert policing techniques we carry out,” he told MPs last month.However, she was so affected by his plight that two years after his death, of causes unrelated to the cancer, she trained as a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter - and today has agreed to become ambassador for Viewtalk, a new ‘chatroom’ website designed especially for the deaf.

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