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Leo also teased him for by saying "You Have Today".Wong Cho Lam has always had great skills in imitating others.

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TVB Game show "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" hosted by Leo Ku invited Wong Cho Lam as a guest.

Both of them consider themselves to be comedy masters.

It was extremely cute when Sheren told the presenter Dik Leung did not hand her the award yet.

What is up with Linda getting into the top 5 of every award she is nominated in?

I was starting to expect that Steven would win, but Wayne winning again was a pleasant surprise.

It was hilarious when Sandra Ng presented this award.

After years of being a loyal supporting actor to TVB, Evergreen finally gets recognition.

Although I find "Fei Fan Gor" annoying, Evergreen never fails to deliver a solid performance.

The favorite character awards are quickly becoming the compensation awards.

I'm turning a blind eye to TVB on this one though, because I actually quite liked Chiu Yeung. :)Elaine Yiu Mimi Lo Natalie Tong Selena Li Skye Chan Selena has once again lost out, but Natalie deserved it.

Throwing the results aside, she went on to say it was a no brainer and that Lau Sing was of course the winner.

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