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If you worked with Greta, we would love to hear how it went and how you liked working with her. After three miserable breakups and a two-year dry spell, 26-year-old Gao Bo decided he needed help with girls.Her focus is to help, guide, consult and support women to bring the best out of a relationship and also out of a partner.

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He started to value and respect her, and showed significantly more appreciation of her. When she showed Greta the ring, it inspired Greta to become a dating and relationship coach for woman. Today, Greta coaches a number of women on their relationships and connections with men.

Greta consults women who are both currently in a relationship, and also women who are dating or new to dating.

To get help from Greta, you can contact her on the email listed above.

If you tell her that you found her on Dating Jungle (you can just mention this in the email you send her), she will happily give you a half an hour phone consultation free of charge.

“If you can’t find a girlfriend, most likely it’s because you are boring, so you fail to attract women,” he says.

Single men like Gao have the odds stacked against them: Gender imbalance in the heterosexual dating scene — an estimated 30 million more men than women were born after 1980, thanks to gender selection under the one-child policy — means women can afford to be more selective.

At best, critics say, the methods reduce attraction to a dehumanizing formula that relies on tired gender stereotypes — while at worst, they are coercive and misogynistic.

Chen Dali, the dating coach Gao found on Huai Nanhai, is well aware of the controversy surrounding his industry.

“I’d put my heart into it, but I’d get so little response from the girls I pursued.” Being a good boy who was earnest and industrious wasn’t working for him. He downloaded the app Huai Nanhai — “bad boy” in English — an online community for Chinese men interested in sharpening their skills of seduction.

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