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Then you have something like this: In the fall of 1997, Nowak began to flirt with Papelino in and out of class. She sat on the edge of his desk during one class, and gave him excessive praise for his work.

In October 1997, after the first Medicinal Chemistry exam, many students, including Papelino, petitioned Nowak for additional points.

The Teachers' Ethical Council (Lärarnas yrkesetiska råd), which is tasked with encouraging a continuing debate on work ethics and with promoting professional ethics among teachers, did not want to take a stand on the issue, either. The fact that there is attraction is not strange, but we have to think about how we handle it," said Jesper Rehn of the Teachers' Ethical Council.

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Suppose a student doesn't want to fraternize with a professor?

Suppose a student just wants to take the class, get the credit, and graduate from pharmacy school?

Researching actual or purported sexual contact between teachers and students raises many difficult ethical issues, questions and dilemmas, which may help to explain why few have ventured into the field.

This experientially based paper addresses key problem areas under the headings of: the ethics of researching a sensitive taboo topic; the ethics of challenging normative notions and master narratives around child abuse and protection; obtaining ethical clearance to study teachers, pupils and sex; ethical issues related to giving voice to teachers considered or alleged to have committed sexual offences against students; and ethical issues around the protection and re-presentation of research participants.

Shortly thereafter, the College accused Papelino and his two roommates, plaintiff-appellant Michael Yu and plaintiff Carl Basile, of cheating on exams.

All three were disciplined, and Papelino and Basile were expelled."Although the trio won their appeal, this story does not have a happy ending.

Asked whose role it is to draw up such guidelines, Rehn replied: "That's a good question.

It's not the relationship that's the problem.

Now they were probably hiding somewhere in France, perhaps in a cheap hotel, perhaps sneaking out for walks together, kissing….

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