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But others are reported to use the app as a game the way they might play any other game they download to their smartphone.

Glantz (2014) reports concerns that the app focuses too much on appearance instead of interpersonal compatibility.

It is important to understand both what kind of people are choosing to date this way and what effects that might have on their behavior.

Then, anyone of the sex or sexes they indicate they are interested within a certain geographic range (usually within a few miles) becomes potential romantic interests, if those people indicate they are interested in the user’s sex.

The user then sees profiles of their potential nearby romantic interests one at a time.

Dating apps on smartphones have brought speed dating on the Internet to a new level.

This exploratory investigation sought to determine what kinds of people use these apps, what their motivations are, and what precautions they take before meeting someone.

Casual sex, especially among young people, can often be risky sex without condoms (Buhi, , 2010).

If such apps are contributing to causal sex, it would be worth knowing.

Yet none, to the authors’ knowledge, have begun to explore fundamental questions about this new kind of phone based super-speed dating such as what kinds of people use it? This work is important theoretically and practically.

Theoretically, these apps represent a continuation of a trend towards dating via choosing from many alternative partners.

It is also possible that people are meeting those they meet on the app without precautions such as meeting in public, due how geographically close the users are to each other.

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